"Comfortable!"  What an amazing word!  I can't believe it took me this long to realize how great the word "comfortable" really is!
Being comfortable with your looks is one thing & being comfortable with who you are, is another.  However, to be comfortable with somebody
else is simply amazing!  It wasn't an easy road to take & I didn't even realize how comfortable I was, until Stoly, one of the drunken poets
at The Karaoke Bar, said to me: "Gosh Geo, you guys look so comfortable, together...  You're the 'Bonnie & Clyde' of glassware!"

  Nothing extraordinary really happened between me & this
Swedish girl named Tina, but when I mentioned my web site, she didn't
know what I was talking about.  That's when I realized-

"I spent three days with this girl,
hanging out at the casinos 'til five
o'clock in the morning..."

collecting glasses for our drinking game "Drunken Chess" & I hardly
mentioned anything about my photography, the web site or The Hype.
Is that a breakthrough in modern technology or what?

"Drunken Chess"  Devo Steve, NZ    Tina Larsson, SE    Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

Well, on Tina's last day in Vegas, we roamed around The Aladdin Casino.  We tried not to collect anymore glasses, but I couldn't help myself.
I had to find "The King".  I met this bartender named Jim, who poured out two glasses of water, which brought "The King & I" together.  We had so much
fun stealing these glasses, that it didn't even dawn onto us, that we were winning a lot of money in the slot machines.  Ching!  Ching!  70 quarters
& 750 nickels!  We even kept a bucket by our side & poured all of our FREE drinks in it.  There was just too much alcohol coming at us!
White Russians, Bourbon & Cokes, Screwdrivers & who could forget our last two Chess pieces; The Queens: "Two Strawberry Daiquiris, please!".

Tina flew back home to Sweden, before we could finish collecting all the pieces.  I ended up all alone in the Stratosphere Casino, looking like a damn drunk.
I needed four more Pawns (shot glasses) & once I got them, I was through.   The thrill of the game, was gone. 
  -Geo D. Oliver, Alaska