This is the 1st photograph shot in the Hermosa Beach Project...
Sandi & Sam

The world collided & integrated with such delight & harmony...
The World

The Pier always closed before midnight...
Hermosa Pier

It was only 7 o'clock...
Andy Jumping

Want to escape?  Want to
explore the earth?
Go ahead, you're all set
Be discovered.

your camera is the tool which inspires the privileged few that look into it... -Chris Stacey, UK
Chris Stacey


Surf City Hostel  ·  26 Pier Avenue  ·  Hermosa Beach, CA  90254   |   Ph: 1.800.305.2901
Poem By:  Christel Jørgensen, Norway   |     Photographs By:  GEOhype, Alaska