Hey Geo, the story of me & Josh is not that
great, but everyone loves it...  They say it gives
them hope that
everything is possible.

"I guess people think that 
'love during a trip' never really
works out after you're back."


And it didn't actually, but I feel that the first time we really talked was great.  It's a memory I'll always cherish.
We climbed the fence at the pier in Hermosa where there was construction going on, so we were forbidden to go.
Then, we sat at the end of the pier with our feet in the air & we talked for hours.  We even saw a seal in the water -
wow!  Maybe it's nothing much for you, but I don't have the ocean here in Montreal...
-Annie-Ko Giroux, Canada

Backpackers: Glen Cranney of Australia & Kathryn McGowen of Wales  |  Location: Hermosa Beach, California  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska