Do you remember in early 1998,

"when I mailed you a different photograph every Friday for 5
months & you sent me a collection of Norwegian postcards?"

Whenever I look @ that photograph of you
girls on the pier in Hermosa, I'm always
recalling the early years of this project & the
way Silje gave me a hug good-bye.

Christel Jorgensen of Norway It was you girls' last night & the whole hostel crew was partying down @ The Lighthouse Cafe.
There was a wicked band playing some kickin' tunes, but I don't recall their name.  Anyway, I'm glad
Silje just straight up gave me that hug, because it let me know that Silje wasn't just being nice
2 me because I was always flirting with Katrine.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

Backpackers: Christel Jørgensen, Silje Bjerke & Katrine Pensgard of Norway  |  Location: Hermosa Beach, California  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska