One night, I met up with The LVBP at Dino's Bar on the Vegas Strip.  It was their Karaoke
& when I got there, the place was bursting with energyIt was the perfect vibe!


"I was singing, dancing & having
a wicked time.  Needless to say, I
don't remember much about that
night, seeing that I was very drunk
from all the FREE booze..."


However, I do remember this...  My name was called out with some of the other girls to go up on stage.  Apparently,
somebody had wrote our names down to sing "American Pie".
  There was this massive group of girls singing their hearts
outWe were all from the hostel, so it didn't surprise me that none of us knew each other.
  I felt so close to these girls.
We were cuddling & laughing like one big happy family & if it was up to me, I believe that's the way life should be.

Emma Andrews, Lindsey Palmer & Erica Chapman of England
Emma Andrews
Scott Watkins of Australia  AKA  Popa Womble
Popa Womble
Neil Harpur of England
Neil Harpur
Stale Knutsen of Norway
Ståle Knutsen
Virginia Hawkins & Emma Andrews @ The Karaoke Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada
Virginia Hawkins

Written By: Zoe Adams, England  |  The LVBP in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photographs By: GEOhype, Alaska