Sweet Inge's the type of girl that wants to do things
her own way, always adding a twist to a worn-out idea.
Her love for everything one can associate with kitsch,
led her to a brilliant idea.  She wanted to throw
a party.  Not just a party, oh no...

"People should come over, express
themselves & show up as an
extreme version of their own personality."

So the ideas started piling up.  An award ceremony with
gold painted Barbie & Ken doll trophies, a star studded
message board
& categories such as: sharpest dresser,
greatest dancer, sexiest man/woman & the La Fête
local with the most extravagant personality.


Written By: Carlos M-C, Belgium    |    PHOTOstory: The Answer was Quite Simple    |    Photo © Café La Fête