"The Decisive Moment"
Martin Munkacsi & Henri Cartier-Bresson

"to see in a thousandth of a second
that which the ordinary person passes
without notice - this is the theory of photo
reporting.  And to photograph what we
see during the next thousandth of a
second - that is the practical side
of photo reporting."

Some time in early 1931, three naked young boys ran
joyfully towards the surf of a Liberian beach & were caught in
near-silhouette by the camera of a Hungarian photographer named
[ Martin Munkacsi ].  Shortly, Munkacsi would become better known
in the USA as a fashion photographer for Harpers Bazaar. His
picture captured the freedom, grace & spontaneity of the
boys movement & joy of simply being alive.

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Black boys ashore Lake Tanganyika by Hungarian Photographer: Martin Munkacsi  

Quote by Hungarian Photographer: Martin Munkacsi  |  Web Site: www.Galeria.Origo.hu