It's the place that everybody loves, with classic tunes that everybody knows.  It starts
off with a smile,
then you tap your feet & before you know it, you're singing along.

  "...the very second you enter
the place, until the time you leave,
the piano bars' vibe will tantalize
your body & energize your soul.
the best bar in Vegas, so don't
expect to drink alone."

It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, after a drink or two, the strangers around you
will become your friends.
It's the Cheer's of the new millennium & crowd pleasing songs from The Dueling
Piano Show will leave many lasting impressions that'll make you wanna come back for more...
Sing-a-long with the music
Singing Along

Sing along with The LVBP!

Photographer: Philippe Serge with The LVBP!
Philippe Serge

Rick Halligan of England
Rick Halligan

Crystal McFadden of Las Vegas, Nevada
Crystal McFadden

Kelly Payne of England
Kelly Payne

Written By: Justin Lyons, Scotland  |  The Piano Bar @ Times Square  |  Photographs By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska