Jackie vacuums while I write,
The sunbathers lie there all day (and all night),
We've all come to The LVBP to have a little fun,
But no one ever seems to know when they're done.
  Come for a day, stay for a year,
That seems to be the way it's done here.
Everyone comes, some people go,
But are we staying too long?
Nobody knows.
Jackie wants a poem that's funny, silly & light,
But with me the outlook isn't always so bright.
I write about dreams, expectations & sadness,
I tend to leave out the excitement & madness.
  But sometimes it's clear and I know that it's here.
Looking down at the lights of The Strip from above,
I can see "Truth, Freedom, Beauty & Love."

Written By: Chris Apgar, Canada  |  Location: The LVBP in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photographs By: GEOhype, Alaska