"It was incredible how
everyone in the room seemed
to take to him.  Anthony oozed
confidence, amiability & 

wicked sense of fun..."


Anthony's a very intense person.  You'll get to know him rapidly & heíll leave you spinning.  It's impossible to forget
that sinful, inviting glint in his eye - that sense of pure fun & life as it really is.  On top of all this, heís an artist.  Art flows
through his veins exuding from every part of him whether he's trying or not.  I know Iíve said it before & it may seem
like Iíve got this huge family, but Anthony is more than a friend, he's my Breakbeat Buddha brother.
-Emma Andrews, UK

Backpacker: Anthony Traynor, England  |  Location: The Pool @ The LVBP!  |  Photo By: Emma Andrews, England