Let's Ride!

My original plan to photograph the hostel girls cruising The Las Vegas Strip
on motorcycles was slightly altered by the swarm of cars that
accompanied a crowded Saturday night.
  Las Vegas DJ & stunt biker/BMXer,
Donovan Santos (DJ Dynamixx), suggested that we cruise
the parking lot at the Thomas & Mack Center, instead...

LV Bikers Group.jpg (31043 bytes)


LV Bikers Donovan & Eleanor.jpg (22463 bytes)

DJ Dynamixx / Donovan Santos

with GHP SUPERmodel: Eleanor Resheph


LV Bikers Sally's ride.jpg (23717 bytes)        LV Bikers Susanna 2.jpg (27691 bytes)

Sweet Sally Raines                                 Joe & Susanna


LV Bikers Heather Zoom.jpg (24248 bytes)        LV Bikers Heather portrait.jpg (29366 bytes)

Heather Hunter of England with biker Scotty LaCombe


LV Bikers Susanna 1.jpg (27653 bytes) LV Bikers Sally's legs.jpg (28644 bytes)
Joe Krajniak with Susanna King of England Sally, Heather, Wilson, Joe & Susanna


LV Bikers Sally 1.jpg (24268 bytes) LV Bikers Heather 2.jpg (28319 bytes)

Sally Raines of England with Wilson Cochran

Scotty LaCombe  &  Heather Hunter


LV Bikers Heather 1.jpg (26081 bytes)        LV Bikers Heather's Back.jpg (22986 bytes)

Gosh Heather...  That's a nice pair of MGD longnecks!



Heather Hunter   &   Sally Raines

The infamous 3rd Floor...

Las Vegas Backpackers Hostel

LV Bikers Heather & Sally.jpg (27440 bytes)


LV Bikers Sally Sues Heather.jpg (19995 bytes)

Sally           Susanna           Heather

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