It was a Friday night in Vegas, when I first saw The Boogie Knights perform.  The staff members @ The LVBP
& I arrived on the scene around midnight - the night was still young.
  I was in my normal dancing/flirt mode when I
met this girl from Minnesota.  She pulls me onto this high raised platform - it was nothing but certified coolness.

  "Our bodies moved in total sync
with one another.  Was it the music?
I don't know, but I haven't danced
that good or long in years." 

 A permanent impression of her eyes
are now burned into my hea

The Boogie Knights @ The Beach night club in Las Vegas, Nevada

Her facial expressions, short bleached hair & knee high disco boots are there as well.  This girl had so much character
riding in her corner, that all I wanted 2 do was take a picture of her.  However, it was one of those rare occasions in which
I found myself empty handed.  The camera, sling pack & mini portfolio was nowhere 2 be found.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska





Kim Dedman