PHOTOhype Films

If you've been to the cinemas this year,
then I'm sure you or your friends are familiar
with some recent Hollywood releases about
the whole backpacker scene - in particular the
youth hostel movement in EuropeWe have the
horror flick [
Hostel ] which really made the hostel
movement look bad.  [
Euro Trip ] a hilarious film
that simply took the piss out of everything & now
we have [
Americano ] - a more down to earth
version behind the inspiration that's powering
many youth to simply travel Europe.

Last week, I was surfing the net when I found this article about
the Americano film.  It gave a small mention to [ Hostel ] & oddly enough
[ the article ] also gave mention to yours truly, me!  Thus, I think now's
the perfect opportunity to tell everyone about The PHOTOhype's future plans
to leave Krakow & all of Europe's charm to return to the place from which
this project came to start, Hollywood - scary thought, eh?

Don't worry, true believer, we are not going to chop up any backpackers,
or chase a love story in Spain.  Matter fact, we are already working on our
[ 1st full length feature film
] which is about our favorite subjects - the point
of travelling & the world of still photography.  I'm pretty sure you are going
to like or love the script & the upcoming feature film, guaranteed.

[ PHOTOhype FILMS: Live Your Life ]


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