"...the music in the party
room was always blaring!  Drinks
flowed from hand to hand & the
staff, always willing to start some
wild party or another..."


Fancy dress night, Christmas cheer, Casino Night, cross dressing on Fremont St. & our infamous Toga War Parties!
There was always an excuse & always a good few stories to tell the next morning.  There was only one major rule, of course.
No matter how tired, how drunk you were or how many people were around, you never, NEVER, fell asleep in public!
There were a few, like you, Geo, that learned that the hard way!
-Emma Andrews, UK

Backpackers: Ståle Knutsen, Norway  ·  Bitch & Hick, Australia · Virginia Hawkins, Australia  ·  AnnMari Hansen, Denmark
Written By: Emma Andrews, England  |  The LVBP in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska