Sitting.  Resting.  Peaceful
Surrounded by soft gentle glowing light...
Shadows flickering, shapes moving, time stops,
stillness in the atmosphere...
No whispers, only the scratch of pen along paper...
Wanting to listen, not wanting to be overpowered
by the gently waves rolling in my head.
Inner sounds envelop me and the moment
washes over, sweeping away care and fear.
Floating gently in the bubble, aware,
but yet not thinking only of the tide.
Swirls.  Shapes.  Shimmers.
Twirls.  Traps.  Tremors.
Overpowered, overwhelmed.
Space spinning.  Sky dark and enormous
stars shinning brightly.
Showing me the way to Utopia...


Poem By: Virginia Hawkins, Australia  |  Fire Breather: Mycol @ Utopia Night Club  |  Photographs By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska