The Adventures of Josh & Jules sat alongside the "talent" & failed to spark life into them when Josh asked them an easy
to answer question about the infamous Hollywood scene.  A voice goes out over the PA system & I respond.  It was the classic
case of being saved by the bell.  Outside, Josh, Jules & I gave the hero car (BMW Z3 Roadster) one last shine when these
two ladies drove into the driveway of the location shoot (The Argyle Hotel on the Sunset Strip).

  "Are you those two dancing
Australian guys from
the Suddenly Susan TV Show?"

Jules smiles & looks at Josh.  You could feel the energy
level rising as the drivers enthusiasm goes straight thru the
roof.  The passenger pulls out a camcorder & video
tapes The Hype as it slowly unfolds.

Josh & Jules hero car.JPG (23213 bytes)  

Talk about getting yourself noticed, apparently, while watching a taping of Suddenly Susan, my two Aussie mates performed a dance
routine that was so hilarious that you'd never forget their faces.  The ladies, who are connected to the show through friends, video taped
their performance for the Suddenly Susan cast who heard but didn't get a chance to see this dance routine.  Ironically, the two directors walk
out as all of this hype is being generated.  At the close of the night, one of the directors, Dean Siracusa, thanked me for bringing along my
two travelling mates.  He also asked them to drop him an e-mail or two his way, during their travels around the world.

Well, true believer, that's usually how the story goes, because in 1995, I learned that:

"Once you become one with The Hype, you will know, because
it will follow you where ever you may go..."

Whether you're crusading for The Hype, GLOBALhype, PHOTOhype, or a hype of your own.
It's all good & well worth the brilliant storyline in the end.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska