It was the summer of 1999, when I really realized
that photography is what makes me feel vibrant!  I met
a photographers' group that was travelling around
Europe on a bus transformed into a photo laboratory.
I felt fascinated with them & their photo project.

"When I travel it is not just to visit a
country.  I want to feel it as an explorer,
to discover new things while living in
different lands with different people."


Although I have my home & friends here in Spain, I never finished my time as a backpacker.  Every weekend, while
travelling through Wales & Ireland, I took my camera, sleeping bag, umbrella & just went anywhere.  Anywhere special
enough to meet new friends, to have new chats & to share new smiles.  I think Ansel Adams quoted the perfect
sentence when he said "photography is a way of telling how you feel about what you see".  Then for me,
photography is the perfect combination with travelling.
-Cristina Amposta-Lara, Spain

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