It's been a long time...  Mr. Lund told me to say a huge hello, when I e-mailed you.  I hope The Hype is doing well.  Jules has his own radio show down here on Fox FM (2 million listeners).

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I'm writing to you with a mission.  I'm making a 13 part television series about 5 young people sailing around the world, while stopping in the worlds most remote & beautiful places.  Check out our web site: to learn more.

For the trip, we have the crew, but need one more.  We are after a good spirited American or European girl between 18-25, who's comfortable in front of a camera & loves the adventurous life.  The sponsors are Apple Computers, Sony & the likes...

"It's an all expenses paid, blow away adventure!"

I know you know a lot of interesting people.  If you know anyone who would be great for our show, can you e-mail me their contact details & I'll get onto them or tell them to look up the web site & follow the crew application.  Don't worry about the date for replies on it as we have extended it - we need a great girl! -Josh Schmidt, Australia


The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Josh Schmidt
Team Australia