Hey there-

Well, looking forward to a night of raving madness in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Grand Canyon
  Well, grand & to me it felt like coming home, but that is a whole other story...


"I realized today just how
much beauty there is in the world &
how nature is so homologous to
human kind..."

I was almost in tears witnessing a barren &
desolate land like a desert & still was overcome
by its beauty - much like the people I have met.  


Many lush & full of obvious beauty, while others have a deep seeded & far more mysterious uniqueness
that almost makes them more beautiful.
  I'm in love with the life that I'm living, hence I'm in love with life & nothing
else matters!
  Because, in the dingiest darkest corners of the world that I have ventured into so far, I have
found so much spirit that it makes mine almost explode with joy...

Written By: Renee Watson, Australia  |  The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997  |  Photograph By: GEOhype, Alaska