Hi Geo,

I wonder if you get this letter before Christmas, seeing the last time I sent something to the U.S.
it took almost a month.  Anyway, you can see that I didn't forget about the pictures or the chocolate.
I guess you'd pretty much like it here in Vienna right now...


"People from all over the
world come to Vienna to visit
the Christmas markets.  They sample
some of our world famous cookies
& enjoy our rather mild winters."

A tree branch in Alice's hometown  |  Photo Alice Keating, Austria

It's probably the best time for photographers as there are never as many possible motives as during the first weeks of
December & the special atmosphere of Vienna makes it even easier to see things from a different point of view.
  The only
advantage: the winter may be mild, but it's still winter & this means temperatures around & below 0C - snow & icy wind.
However, you grew up in Alaska, so you're not shocked by -5C.  Are you?
    [ Alice's links: Wald village & City Hall ]

Written By: Alice Keating, Austria  |  The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997  |  Photograph By: Alice Keating, Austria