Ever since I briefly met you & Clare at The LVBP & looked through your portfolio, I have been
anticipating the new site.  I must say congratulations, it goes beyond my expectations.


I've been browsing through the new pages
for the past hour or so, turning up more words,
more wisdom & brilliant images.

"I have been digging
deeper through the seemingly
never ending trails, each one
bringing new light on fabulous
Las Vegas & The Hype!"


I look forward to coming back to the The PHOTOhype as each new corner is turned & each new secret is revealed.
Sure a picture is worth a thousand words, however, these images carry more emotion & meaning about the people &
the moment than words could accurately describe.  It's almost overwhelming, the emotions that come through in the
pages.  All I can think about now is, how soon can I get back on the road & back 2 The LVBP! 
-Chris Apgar, Canada

Written By: Chris Apgar, Canada  |  Location: The LVBP in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photograph By: GEOhype, Alaska