Hi Geo-

I don't know if you'll remember me, but I met you a few weeks ago when you collected Renee Watson
of Australia, my sister & myself from the hostel in Hollywood.  You were late & threatened to throw me into
the pool as soon as we got to Vegas, thankfully, you never did.  Anyway, I felt that I had to mail you...


I checked out the web page that you didn't
stop raving about all the way to Vegas & I now
know why.  I am totally hooked!

"So much, that I couldn't help
but travel thru the various pages all
day at work, yesterday & again today!
You're gonna get me fired!"


It made me realize how short of time I spent in the states, in particular Vegas, which has changed my outlook
on life.  I just wish I had the guts to pack my bags & leave the sheltered surroundings of home to see what really
is out there.  Contrary to what I was made to believe, life isn't about pay checks & promotions, it's all
about the journey (one of many quotes on your web site that I've fallen in love with).

Written By: Mandip Thandi, England  |  Location: Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photograph By: GEOhype, Alaska