Hello Geo-

Spoke to you this morning & it feels weird not being at The LVBP.  It's weird not having you wake me when
I'm in bed after a graveyard shift & it's weird not sharing a dorm bed with the guys in room 208.



"I think it will always hold a place
in my heart & it will be good to look
the site when I get home while
cold & depressing..."


  I will never forget you guys & especially The Limo Tour.  The champagne was cheap but the memories
are priceless.  I'd like to say that I remember my first one, however, with all the free champagne flowing from hand
to hand, I can't remember anything except a crazy guy in a girls skirt.
-Mark Conway, England

Written By: Mark "Elmo" Conway, England  |  Location: Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photograph By: GEOhype, Alaska