Geo Geo Geo,

After feeling slightly down on life (just walked out on a job) I was on the net & found myself inside the PHOTOhype site.  It seems it's come on leaps & bounds since my time at The LVBP.  New faces, new journeys, stories & of course, the hot chicks.  Well, I feel like it's inspired me to go back to The LVBP for the new years celebrations.

Believe me, England's a great place, but oh so cold & wet, so where better to loose the blues than at The LVBP.  I was heading to Australia, but it looks like that will be postponed slightly.  I've invested in a new camera and hope to take some great shots.  This time, I'll know better than to hook up with a woman, as it slows you down heaps.  So, I'll see ya soon old boy... - Neil Harpur, England



The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Neil Harpur
Team England