Hi Geo,

Do you remember me?  I am Sylvie from France.  We met at The LVBP a few days ago & you game me some good advice...

I kept a good memory about my stay in California.  I went through some magnificent scenery.  I was especially amazed at the immensity of each landscape & the space in the cities.  I really enjoyed San Francisco, even if I was frozen stiff!  What a pity that my stay was too short.  However, it gave me a taste of California & the desire to go back, someday.  On the other hand, I was rather shocked by the poverty (the number of homeless people especially in San Francisco), by the contrast between the people who live in an opulent life and those who are in utter destitution.

"You know, when I travel, I am very sensitive to the people around me.  In a way, it
comes first because I have based my life on human relationships."

That's why I was happy to meet you.  I don't know why but I felt immediately good with you & I enjoyed my discussions with you even if I was not able to understand what you were saying, when you spoke so quickly!!!  It's a pity that we only saw each other for only a short time!  I will always remember your saying: "Your life is a story..."

Yes, we are millions of people with thousands of stories.  All on the same stage.  All wanting & desiring a piece of the spotlight or at least a little bit of the attention we all deserve.  We are millions of people with thousands of stories about tears, laughs, sighs, separations, reunions, beating hearts & throbbing emotions.  Some ordinary.  Some extraordinary.  However, in the end, all these stories revolve around the simple fact that they are all love stories...



The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Sylvie Demandre
Team France
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