The Grand Canyon.

We were at The Grand Canyon a few days
before Christmas & it was pure magic!

"The snow killed nearly every sound
& this quietness was just amazing.  After
you 'listen' to this silence for awhile,
it seems to be getting too loud..."

We were walking around in the dark, always
just a few steps away from the abysm & a family of
deer, just made up a whole Christmas atmosphere.

Andrea BackhausGermany, The Magazine


The next morning, 6 o'clock, we were up to see the sunrise.  It was incredibly cold, but awfully beautiful.  It's amazing
when you can watch every step of the stone...  We spent the whole day there, hiking around.  Everybody became quiet, facing
such a beauty of nature.  I was impressed by the feeling of freedom you get in such an area. -Andrea Backhaus, Germany

Written By: Andrea Backhaus, Germany  |  Location: The Grand Canyon, Arizona  |  Photo By: __________