So, you're headed to Alaska?  I hear it's incredibly similar to how things are here...  
  I live in Iceland & it is amazing.  It's such a neat culture - far different than the States.  Having never left New England, it's a total shock for me in every way.

Out of our window, we see ocean, several small towns with glaciers & mountains in the background.  It's great!

In a 6hr. trip, we saw huge open fields with tons of sheep - they're everywhere here!  We also saw waterfalls, rivers, volcanoes, craters & lots of geothermal springs - almost as frequent as sheep.  The weather is very changeable.  It can be sunny & nice one minute & pouring down rain the next!


"The people here all speak this crazy Icelandic language."

I know a few words, such as: "godin dagin", which means hello or good morning.  The "d" in godin has a slash through it, so it's pronounced "th".  "takk" is thank you and "bless" is good-bye.

I hear the club scene in Reykjavik kicks some major @ss!  I've yet to go, but believe me, I'll be there soon.  It's been a good experience, so far.  We even have an Icelandic kitten named Coco. -Colleen Shields, Iceland


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Written By: Colleen Shields
Team Iceland