"Do you remember those sandcastles on the beach?"

You ran to the shore to get some water & dripped the wet sand from your hands in order to make those beautiful,
yet complicated towers of mud...  Well, that's Bryce CanyonFor the first time in my life, I was able to walk through
those amazing architectures, trying to figure out what kind of supernatural hands had fun building 'em.


I'm used to seeing man-built things like the
colosseum or St. Peters church.

"I never imagined that nature
could manage to create
some awesome buildings as well."

What makes Bryce Canyon so unique?  It's not
just the stones, there's also a fragrance that goes
along with it.  I'll never forget the smell of the giant
Douglas Fir trees
& red dust, fulfilling the air.

Bryce Canyon
Bryce with Snow
The Hoodoo's

The sky had a weird colour as well.  It was the same colour you always looked for as a kid, trying to spot it through
your pencils, which of course, you were never able to find.  Hm.  Bryce Canyon, just a wonder of nature.

Written By: Antony Rocca, Italy  |  Location: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah  |  Photographs By: GEOhype, Alaska