Hiya Geo D-

I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you any sooner, by the time I checked my e-mails you were already back home.  I've become pretty slack with checking & replying to e-mails, but I just opened a door to your web-site & was pretty impressed.


"It definitely makes me want
to get back out there & do it all
over again...  Can't wait."

I haven't made any definite plans for summer &
Europe.  All I know is that I wanna be in France
in June for the Confederation cup.


Good ol' NZ are playing so I'm keen to go & support my fellow countrymen AND get on the piss!  Also, I wanna make
it to Germany to check out some music festivals, etc.  So, I gotta try & get all that to fit into whatever my plans maybe.  We
could even catch up somewhere, sometime, if you decide to come back & travel Europe in the Summer!
-Marie-Ann Brady, NZ

Written By: Marie-Ann Brady, New Zealand  |  Marie-Ann (far right) & friends in Tijuana, Mexico  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska