Josh & Jules,

  Hi!  Currently unknown to you, I am Linzi, one of the many travellers to have met Geo at The Surf City Hostel in Hermosa Beach, California.  I am continuously updated by the above mentioned Geo of your "adventures around the world" and was just wondering quite what it's all about....  

"I am sending this e-mail as part
of my quest to obtain more knowledge
about yourselves..."

To be added to your mailing list would be a true honor that I would be thoroughly thankful for and I'd spend the rest of my life in debt to you.
  Backpackers: Jules Lund & Josh Schmidt of Australia
West Hollywood, Ca  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska

  Of course, as way of repaying part of this debt, I hereby offer you the chance, should your "Adventures" bring you to Wales on part of your UK travels, FREE accommodations, great food and the chance to sample a bit of Welsh culture.  As true mates of Geo's, I trust in his judgment that you are somewhat remotely respectable citizens and if not, well, that's bad luck on my part, but I would still like to be on your mailing list. -Linzi Williams, Wales  


The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Linzi Williams
Team Wales