I'm Erica, an American woman on a mission
to see the world & document my experiences
through images & occasionally words.  For as long
as I can remember, I have had a burning desire to
wander, move, change gears, meet new people,
open my eyes & see things differently.

"Travelling, it touches me somewhere
I can't quite explain. It speaks to me in
a tongue I can't quite understand, but
it calls me again & again."


I can think of no better way to see the world than to throw a backpack on my back with a few essentials & sleep
in a hostel - a place where I will interact with people I've never met, but who share with me the desire to be inside, not
outside, the experience.  Everyday, as I travel & stay in hostels, I have little micro-relationships with people.  Some
last for days, some hours, some merely minutes & each one is perfect in its compact simplicity.  It is no more & no
less than what it is meant to be.  We come together, we share & we move on.
-Erica W. Mueller, USA

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