We didn't win anything but a good time in Las Vegas!
It was one of those three day mis-adventures with a few of my
German speaking friends.  Another successful Mad Dash
to Vegas PHOTOtrip, in which the most memorable
moment came when we started a riot-like
chant at The Pirate Show.

The six of us, plus a few others, sat in the middle
island of the street (in between the palm trees, because
the actual show was full).  Close to 50 spectators joined
us, so, just for a good laugh, we chanted the phrase:

"Hell no, we won't go, we
come to see the show!"

Backpackers: Marlen Melone (Switzerland), Sebastian Spiegel (Austria), Johanna Daub (Germany), Reto Langenegger (Switzerland)
& Nadine Koch (Germany)  |  Location:
The Fremont St. Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska