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Geo & Ola from Poland

Elevator Ride

We're swinging live...

Amsterdam's Just Crazy!!!

When I last left you, I was in Amsterdam with a bunch of Americans
at The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel – by far, the craziest youth hostel
on earth!  Of course, the night began with a night walk through
Amsterdam’s famous Red Light district, which turned out
to be any true photographer’s "wet" dream.

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All those women, full on peep shows for €2 sex shops (featuring
videos like: Animal Farm & Dicky Dog II), neon lights, old brick walls
& a pack of horny men - it’s definitely something that has to be
seen with your own two eyes, true believer!

New York Girls

Yes, I like to smoke

Something else in mind

High on Marijuana

A Real Dutch Kiss


The Flying Pig Downtown
Ordering an 8th of marijuana from the bartender & finding the world’s cheapest 24hr. Internet Café (30 cents an hour in the middle of the night -
completed our voyage around town, before we returned to a full on Monday night at The Flying Pig with a live DJ spinning some kickin’ tunes in front of a 24hr. bar.
Down stairs inside “the happy room” everybody was stoned off their @ss & guess what I found…  A FREE video e-mail machine!
10, 20, 30 video e-mails later, it was time 4 bed.  Time check: 5am.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska