Do you remember the 1st time we actually
met?  It took me a while to remember, because
it's as if I've always known you.  But, I got it!
I had spoken to you on the phone quite
a bit, but then one day there was
this knock on my door...


I opened it & looked at you blankly, like "who the f*ck are you?".  Then, you threw a set of beer holsters at me & said:
"Be ready in 5 minutes, we're going out!"  Huh?  The in between details are sketchy, but we ended up at The Fountains of
, jumped up on the wall & started dancing - everyone else around us had their eyes glued to the show.  I guess
we both had seen it a thousand times before, so it was just a backdrop to us being silly!
-Dina Szylit, Australia

Location: The Fountains of Bellagio    Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photo By: ordinary street yahoo!