"Everywhere we go, we always take the weather with us."

In Austria, this means, it keeps on raining all the time.  Thus, the rain followed us everywhere we went in the USA.


One day, the sun managed to shine through the clouds, so I took the camera & shot this great picture of Daniela Niederreiter, my best friend.

"Daniela's lebensmotto, kind
of style, is to keep on smiling &
try to be peaceful..."

I think this photograph shows off her true essence and love of life.  We traveled to Bryce Canyon in hopes of seeing some Hoodoo's, as well as some 'real' cowboys.

GH Austria Daniela.jpg (22997 bytes)  
  In this photograph, I can see Daniela's crooked smile, our hired car & the cloudy sky that followed us all the way from The Grand Canyon.  All of which serves as a photo summary of my trip to the United States.  

Magdalena Fitz
Team Austria

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Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska

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Team Austria
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