New Year's Eve morning, last day before the new millennium...  It has been snowing
for 24hrs & the cotton ball size snowflakes were coming down slowly, which was amazing
to see.  I took my camera & walked for 2 hours in my neighborhood.


"The sounds were being muffled
by the snow.  Everything was peaceful
& quiet for there was a true sense
of serenity in the air."


My head was full of thoughts of the man with whom I was in love with.  They were wonderful
thoughts of him & of the fact that he has never seen the snow.I
wanted to show him & all my friends
in France how marvelous Canada really is.  In Montreal, bikes are like robins, they arrive
to announce that spring has come.  This one was too early.

"The Yellow Suitcase" - another great PHOTOstory by Marion Brevet

Written By: Marion Brevet, Canada  |  Location: Montreal, Canada  |  Photograph By: Marion Brevet, Canada