In a recent trip to California, I met this 50yr old hippie named Michael.  Michael was the kind
of guy that walked around bare footed & played his guitar.  He wasn't all that good at singing, but when
he sung, you could see that he was into that song & nothing else.  He was very creative...
  He showed me these household ornaments he made out
of the rubbish & glass that he found along the beach.

"When I travel, I hope
to find life living in a way that is
beyond my imagination."

Later on that night, Michael showed Mille, my Danish
travelling mate and I how to Dumpster Dive.

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It was a little after sunset, when we drove behind the local grocery store.  Michael stopped the car & hopped into the dumpsters.
10 minutes later, he returned with this box of meats - mostly fish, bacon & vegetables.
  We took the food with us, back to the mountains.
Inside this old wooden house, we cooked the food on a antique metal stove.  Michael was a good cook & I helped him out as much
as I could -
By far, this was something I have never done.  Mille wasn't to keen on the idea & wandered off to the mini-mart.
Eleven other people lived in the house & they were all eager to eat the food.
  If it ever came down to it, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
I know you may think that dumpster diving is wrong, but to others, less fortunate, dumpster diving is simply a way of life...

"The magic of the mountains & basic practice of survival
made me feel happier than ever before."

Louise Walbom
Team Denmark

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