"This photograph was taken in New Zealand."

In the background you can see Lake Tekapo & even further back the beginnings of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak.
We travelled in Autumn, where the weather wasn't the best & the clouds covered most of an unbelievable set of mountains.


This photograph was taken with a standard
camera (Konica Z-Up 70), but produced an image
that really summed up New Zealand for me.

"The country was beautiful &
contained a vast array of beauty, from
its mountains, to its lakes & forests."

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Richard Costa-D'sa in New Zealand  |  Photo By: Gemma Hargreaves, UK


On the other hand, the country was a perfect place to visit for a adrenaline junkie like myself, having just done
3 bungys a couple of days before this.
  I’ve been travelling for months & this was just the perfect place where I could
contemplate all that had happened to me.  New Zealand, a couple new friends & The Kiwi Experience!

"What an unbelievable adventure!"

Written By: Richard Costa-D'sa, England  |  Location: New Zealand  |  Photograph By: Gemma Hargreaves, UK