It started as a day at the beach, looking for
shells, but I came across this cave I'd heard Geo
talk about.  I peered into it from the shore &
was attracted by its mysteriousness.

"I walked into the mouth of  the cave
& thought how easy it was."

  I was so wrong.  Before I took another step,
I was standing waist high in water.  It continued to
rise higher & higher, I didn't think it would stop.

I could hardly turn back so on I went, fighting
against the current of waves coming in from both sides.
I was panicking & having fun at the same time!
  I held
myself above the tide by clinging to the slippery walls
of the cave.  I made it through & looked back,
feeling such a buzz.
-Leanne Hamilton, Northern Ireland


  Sand Carvings    The Passage    The Cave    The Other Side    The Cliff    The Jump    The Shot 

Cliff Jumping @ Ocean Beach  |  This section written by: Leanne Hamilton, Northern Ireland  |  Photograph By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska