Who would have guessed that three months ago neither one of us knew that the other existed, which seems kind
of strange since we've become such good friends.   Our friendship started at the Massachusetts summer camp,
Camp Frank A. Day.  It was a fantastic summer where we met the most amazing group of people.


Surviving off less then five hours of sleep a
night & taking care of American children 24/7 may
not be some peoples idea of a holiday...

"For us, however, it was something
more than that simply because of
the people who we were with, the
people who made camp."

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Photograph By: Louise Bain, England


After camp, we flew to the beaches of San Diego where we fried in the sun.   Next, we rode the waves
of San Clemente where we mastered the fine art of body boarding.
  Then, it was the party in Hermosa Beach at
The Surf City Hostel.  Man, what a place!  Lots of good times, good memories and good people.  We spent
our days roller skating along the strand & our nights on the beach itself.

Onward with the adventure, we landed at The LVBP in Las Vegas, Nevada - the true hostel & city that never sleeps!
Hard to describe the brilliant time we had there, but then again, I guess that's why they call it, Fabulous Las Vegas!

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We felt like the luckiest 18yr. olds alive - to see such places & gaining such insights at such a young age.
Our trip is coming to an end, yet, we both know that it is only the beginning!

"What the Butterfly thought was the end...
The Caterpillar saw as a new beginning."


Elspeth Crilly
Alexandra Elliott
Team England

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