"It was a humid Saturday afternoon on a tropical island in Fiji."

We weren't that far from the mainland, yet, we
felt miles away from civilization. My best friend,
Mary, read her book while I played the guitar &
it all felt so perfectShe was totally engrossed
in the book that she was reading.

"She didn't even notice that
the sun
had set & that there was
a nice cool breeze in the air."

Backpacker: Mary Dickson on Beachcomber Island in Fiji, South Pacific

  At the time, I took this photograph just to finish off the roll of film.  However, it has become one of my favourite images
of Mary.  Although you can't see her face, you can still see how beautiful Mary really is.  I believe this photograph will always
serve as a constant reminder of why Mary & I are such close friends...

Written By: Kelly Lane, England  |  Location: Beachcomber Island, Fiji  |  Photograph By: Kelly Lane, UK