From where I live in Cape Town, South Africa, it takes me all of 5 minutes to walk to the beach.  We have the most glorious
sunsets, seagulls instead of pigeons & at the end of every summer, the sea mists come rolling up the road...

  Last year, I moved to Maine on a misguided mission to
work on a ski resort.  Instead, I was placed on a Seacoast
in New England, cleaning hotel rooms all day long.

"My job kept me indoors all day
& after 3 months there, I still didn't
get a glimpsed the beach."

What made life bearable was the presence of one particular Australian: Siobahn Connery, a fantastic friend & very bad influence.  Somehow we made it through our hideous jobs together & one day we made it to the beach...


"For me the beach has always been about swimming,
tan lines & the smell of sun block."

On this particular day the sun had just about set & it was cold as only Maine could be.
However, this didn't stop us.  We crashed & stumbled our way through the snowdrifts, until
we were standing on the sand, getting hit in the face by giant snowflakes.


"We were at the beach & it was snowing!"

Written By: Jocelyn Kope, South Africa    The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997