Leaving behind everything familiar for a place unknown is never an easy thing to do.

To pack up your life into one bag & place your friendship in the hands of strangers, truly tests the strength
you have inside.  But to cut all ties & free fall through life for a while makes you appreciate so much more the amazing
things which life can offer if you give it a chance.  A stranger, after all, is only a friend you haven't made yet...



  "It intensifies every interaction.
There's more urgency to become
& to create the familiar. 
urgency is the
most natural exciting
feeling in the world!!!"

Emma Williams, Scotland & Greg Flood, Australia  |  Camp Counsellors

It's amazing to look back at the speed with which our closeness grew.  To be able to look someone in the eye
that you have known for 24 hours without feeling the need to look away.  To know from a smile what they are thinking
without them having to say it & to be able to sit in someone's arms & just 'be' after only a day & a night.
  The purity
of these memories & friendships which remain untouched by the pressures of everyday life, captures the true essence
of fantasies & fairytales.  All of which, remain to be, picture perfect moments of my life...
-Emma Williams, Scotland

Written By: Emma Williams, Scotland  |  Camp Counsellors, USA  |  Photograph By: Some dude at camp