I can still remember the day I boarded the plane with only my backpack & kilt.
All strings to Scotland were severed & the only way to go was forward.  Being to excited
to be unhappy all thoughts of home are replaced with images of what may lie ahead...

  There are two types of travelers on the road.
The holiday makers & backpackers.  Those on
holiday are short term vacationers...

 "Backpackers are hardcore
adventure seekers.  They function
with limited resources to travel as
far as they can to maximize
their experience..."


Whether it's to get away from the rat race or to go forth exploring places that you thought you'd never see,
everyone has their reasons for becoming a backpacker.  Having your worldly possessions on your back & not
knowing what the next day  has in store is what lured me here... -Justin Lyons, Scotland

The Journey



September 10th

The Kilt

Written By: Justin Lyons, Scotland  |  Photography By: Justin Lyons, Geo D. Oliver & Dave Holburn