This photograph was taken a couple of days before I left to go & work in America for the summer.
A vague camping trip was organized for members of my swim team (Glasgow University), also known as "The Institution".
Vague, because the only details which were actually organized were the destination, Rannochmoor, which was chosen at the last minute.


"It was a particularly good trip
& the details of what went on are also pretty
It was the last time we would all
be together, before everyone left to find a job,
travel or do whatever they were
doing that summer..."

Within those two days I discovered:

GH Scotland Kirsty 6.jpg (23438 bytes)  

1. I don't know how to put up a tent.  2. I shouldn't really drink tequila.
3. None of the boys can barbeque to save their lives.

In the photograph is a blurred image of my friend Katy.   I'm not sure what was going on when this photograph was taken,
since it's the product of yet another fantastic adventure of some: "Drunken Scottish Nights!"

Written & Photography By: Kirsty Macdonald, Scotland  |, The Magazine