There I was paddling my canoe with my girlfriend through the Alligator infested Florida Everglades. We spent an
hour searching for these swamp creatures, fighting our way through the mangroves & pesky mosquitoes.


Before we embarked on our little journey, we had
to sign disclosure forms releasing full responsibility
in case we were attacked, bitten or eaten alive
by these Alligators.
  What a laugh!

"We were bitten alive by the
mosquitoes & we didn't even see
one Alligator!!!"

GH Everglades John 6.jpg (38226 bytes)  

I took this shot as we were on our way back to the shore.  It was a great day out & the sunset was one of the finest
I ever did see.  If you're ever in Florida, I highly recommend that you stay at the Everglades International Hostel
in Homestead, FL.  It's a really nice place & the staff there are really nice & helpful.  We really enjoyed our
time there & as for the Everglades, you really have to go & see them, its a must
! -John Hajiyianni, Greece

Written & photograph by: John Hajiyianni, Greece  |  Location: Florida Everglades, USA