This photo was taken on the last day of camp, as a few friends & I laid underneath a warm moon-lit sky.  Stuffed full from our steak and lobster dinner, we joked & reminisced about our lives & summer adventures.  All & all, being a camp counselor was an "awesome" experience...


It gave me a chance to see another country
try new things & meet so many people.

"...I arrived at camp not
knowing anyone.  Suddenly, there
I was, surrounded by 100 other
people in the same situation."

  3 Australian Camp Counselors  |  USA
Photo By: Linzi Williams, Wales
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"By the time I left camp, I had a bag full of photos, lots of great memories
& a slew of new friends that would last for the rest of my life."


The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Linzi Williams
Team Wales