This photo was taken near Queenstown (New Zealand, South Island), just a few minutes
after the biggest challenge of my life: Jumping out of an Airplane!!!!


The day before, I chickened out on a bungee
jump, so I wasn't about to do it again.
  I only felt
a little bit nervous, however, this jump

"represents beaten fears,
reached goals & the changes
inside of me during my hostel

travels around the world."

GH_Kirsten Skydiving 6.jpg (31455 bytes)
Angela Sewell & Kirsten Buijvoets  |  Photo By: Steven Knipe, Ireland

What a rush!  During a 30 second freefall, reaching a speed of nearly 200 k/h, you hardly know what is happening
to you.  It really is over before it has even started & then follows a calm 5 minute flight on
the parachute.  I must say,
floating on the parachute was nice, but nothing beats the freefall.  I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Kirsten Buijvoets, The Netherlands  |  Location: New Zealand  |  The PHOTOhype Project