"Welcome to Bruges, Belgium - the historic
land of a thousand beers!  Learn how to be a
professional alcoholic with the pro himself!  Try
out my selection of fine Belgian beers.  Gain some
useful knowledge & a few cool stories on how
these tasty Belgian beers where created."

Kai AngeletNew York City
PHOTOhype.com, The Magazine

Kai Angelet's Beer Tasting Night at The Bauhaus Youth Hostel in Bruges, Belgium  

Kai Angelet can be contacted on his mobile phone in Belgium: +32 499 208 814  |  E-mail address: Kai@PHOTOhype.com
Lybeer Hostel    Korte Vuldersstraat 31    8000 Bruges, Belgium  |  Photography & Design By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska