"In Bruges, wow, what a cool movie
to see.  Dark Irish comedy at it's very best!
Now you can have the chance to go scene
by scene, KAI-style. Don't expect an ordinary
umbrella- holding walking tour, no way! I'm out
to make your tour as silly as possible! Fully
loaded with some interesting history, delicious
chocolates, Belgian fries & of course,
some very tasty Belgian beer!"

Kai AngeletNew York City
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Sunday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Friday    |    13:00 & 19:00

Kai Angelet can be contacted on his mobile phone in Belgium: +32 499 208 814  |  E-mail address: Kai@PHOTOhype.com
Lybeer Hostel    Korte Vuldersstraat 31    8000 Bruges, Belgium  |  Photography & Design By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska